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Questcare Medical Clinic at Dallas
12200 Park Central Drive, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75251

Phone: (469) 804-8323
Fax: (469) 804-8324

Clinic Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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Dallas Primary Care Doctor

Many people grew up with the comforting presence of a dependable primary care doctor in Dallas, and Questcare Medical Clinic continues that tradition. With staff members who are devoted to providing their patients effective treatment for several different conditions, Questcare combines the feel of a local practice with the strength of an 800-physician network.

Meet Our Dallas Primary Care Doctors

Medical Clinic in Dallas

Each Questcare Dallas primary care doctor has the extensive experience and skill to handle nearly any type of medical problem. Whether a patient needs preventive care to help him or her live a longer, healthier life or needs a doctor to treat some of the issues that affect nearly everyone as they grow older, Questcare can help.

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The Dallas primary care doctors with Questcare Medical Clinic are ready to provide the help you need to be your healthiest. Contact us online or call (469) 804-8323 to schedule an appointment.