Recognize the Signs of CO2 Poisoning

March_ImageCarbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous gas: it has no odor, color, or taste. It is produced whenever you burn fuels such as wood, propane, charcoal, etc. Whenever you burn these fuels in a poorly ventilated area, such as indoors, the amount of carbon monoxide in the area can become hazardous. CO poisoning then occurs whenever you ingest too much carbon monoxide.

Symptoms of CO Poisoning

The signs of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

  1. dizziness
  2. weakness
  3. blurred vision
  4. confusion
  5. shortness of breath
  6. a dull headache
  7. nausea
  8. vomiting
  9. loss of consciousness.

If you are inebriated or asleep, carbon monoxide poisoning becomes more severe. It may take longer to notice any symptoms, or you may not notice them at all. If too much time passes before symptoms are recognized, this can lead to irreparable brain damage, heart damage or even death. CO poisoning is also more severe for children, babies, the elderly and pregnant women.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be difficult to notice. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning ahead of time so that you can recognize the symptoms and seek medical assistance immediately. If you think you may have been poisoned, you should get outside immediately or into fresh air until you are able to seek emergency care.

How to Prevent CO Poisoning

Make sure to never use a charcoal grill indoors, or to leave your car running for a long period of time inside of your garage, especially if your garage is attached to your home. Further, don’t use a generator or any fuel-burning appliance in an enclosed space. You should also have carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home.

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