National Primary Care Physician’s Week

Happy National Primary Care Physician’s Week – October 4-10

Although healthcare is essential year-round, the first week in October is dedicated to celebrating our primary care providers and highlighting the importance of their services. Not only is it a time for patients to express their gratitude, but for healthcare professionals to also celebrate each other and their accomplishments.

During “National Primary Care Physician’s Week”, physicians from around the corner and across the country are encouraged to come together to focus on improving care for their patients while learning new techniques and approaches from their like-minded colleagues.

Primary Care Physicians (PCP) are the first resource for good health. These are the first responders to a common cold, a milestone moment, and oftentimes a critical illness. These PCPs are typically found in a family or general practice but may also be a pediatrician, gynecologist, or internist. These physicians can perform routine health exams and screenings, treat and monitor illnesses and chronic conditions while prescribing and managing medications. They also can coordinate and consult with specialists if needed.

Many patients visit and rely on the same primary care physician for years. Those that have the advantage to spend decades with the same practice benefit from a trusted relationship on both sides. These PCP’s learn and become familiar with their patient’s family history, lifestyle, and personal needs. This makes them a crucial component and advocate of helping their patients obtain and maintain a healthy and happy life.

In the United States, more family physicians are practicing primary care than any other specialty. Many underserved communities depend on their family doctors as a lifeline. Family medicine is at the center of each community; It is at the heart of it all since everyone needs a family doctor.

Take time to show your gratitude to your PCP and give a shout-out to a physician who provided outstanding care. It’s also important not to forget the office staff who also work diligently to assist patients by scheduling appointments, handling insurance issues, calling in prescriptions, and so much more.

If you need a primary care physician, Questcare is here to give you the medical attention you deserve. When you choose us to be your family physician, we become family.

Questcare is here to make your healthcare journey simple and bring further awareness to the community. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.