Got Milk? Good for The Bones, But Could It Also Do Your Joints Some Good?

Drinking MilkPretty much since you were old enough to remember you have likely been told that milk is good (and crucial) to your bone health. Your mother may have insisted that you have a glass with breakfast in the morning, or your school lunch program may have offered only milk as a drink to make sure you were getting what you needed in your daily intake.

So, what is it that makes milk so good for you?

Milk contains many of the vitamins that we all need daily such as calcium, phosphorous, protein, and Vitamin D. These can lower the risk of bone fractures as well as reduce bone loss, especially later in life. It makes sense then that milk may also be linked to healthy and better protected joints. However, studies have been a bit confusing on the topic. It is important to understand how and why milk and help and that not all milk and dairy is created equal.

Full fat milk and other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese do not necessarily have the same positive effect on health as lower fat dairy options. This is because other ingredients in these often-processed products can make joint and bone issues worse, or at the very least make consuming them counterproductive.

When it comes to milk, studies show there is no replacement for the straight drink when it comes to protecting healthy joints, and in women, it has even been proven to prevent or slow down the consequences of osteoarthritis.

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