Good Posture Can Lead to Less Back Pain

In recent years, there have been many studies about the effects of good posture versus bad posture. In these studies, scientists and doctors have found that posture can affect mood, memory, energy, and pain. In other words, posture can impact our lives both physically and mentally. It may seem crazy that something so simple can have such a large effect on your life, but let’s take a further look into why.

How Bad Posture Causes Back Pain

So, how can posture directly affect your back? Well, a few hours of slouching may not cause you to feel any pain, but over time, poor posture puts a lot of stress on your spine. When there is stress on the spine, the spine changes anatomically. This means the spine will no longer be shaped in a way that is best for a human body. A spine that is degenerated or out of alignment can also cause problems with muscles, discs, and surrounding joints. Even nerves can eventually be severely affected.

What Is Good Posture?

Even though it sounds like it should be obvious, very few people understand exactly what good posture is. It can be much more complicated than you think, but if you start following good posture and taking the right steps, it will eventually become second nature.

When walking, be sure to look straight ahead of you, and keep your head straight above your spine. Remain walking tall with no drooping shoulders, and land on your heel before rolling forward to the front of your foot.

When sitting, be sure that your back is straight against the chair you’re sitting in and your shoulders are also back with your head level with your spine just as when you’re walking. Keep arms flexed at a 90┬░ angle at the elbows when sitting at a desk. Always keep them with your hips or above your hips, but never below. Make sure feet stay flat on the floor, and if you can’t reach it, invest in a foot rest.

Back Pain Relief

  1. Using good posture ensures that the natural curvatures of your spine stay as they are meant to be. This will keep your spine from having damaged discs which can cause pinched and trapped nerves.
  2. A good posture protects the muscles in your back. Spinal injuries and pain often cause muscles to either tighten unusually or pull in a way that causes a lot of pain.
  3. Studies have shown that good posture increases the hormones that make you happy as well as helps balance out your other hormones.

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