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Dr Blake Hatfield | Questcare Medical Clinic DallasDr. Blake Hatfield, MD is originally from California but has lived in Texas most of his life.  He became interested in medicine during his first bachelor’s degree while studying theology, which lead to pursuing a degree in biology and then on to medical school at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Hatfield’s interests lie in how different physical processes occur in science and specifically how they affect the human body.

Medical School

Texas A&M College of Medicine, Bryan, Texas

Dallas Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal medicine has provided the challenge and environment of learning how to manage the medical complexities that arise in the adult population.  In conjunction with the practice of medicine is the enjoyment of a relationship that is built and shared between the physician and the patient. Both work together to improve the balance between the quality and quantity of life.  In pursuing these interests, Dr. Hatfield has joined the team at Questcare, as both Dr. Hatfield and Questcare Medical Clinic’s share the same goals of providing patients with the current medical practices in the field, while maintaining a friendly and relaxed clinical setting.

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Dr. Hatfield is currently accepting new patients.