An Apple A Day. Good for Your Health, But Will It Keep the Doctor Away?

We have all heard this old adage at some point, that eating apples can keep us from getting sick and needing to see the doctor. This saying originated in the late 19th century and is still being used today to get young and old to eat healthy foods. This begs the question of whether or not there is any accuracy to the statement.

Why Would an Apple Keep You from Getting Sick?

An apple is a fruit, one that is known to be full of vitamins and antioxidants. Among many others, it contains Vitamin C which is often taken by many to avoid illness during flu season. This vitamin is essential to the immune system, but there are plenty of other sources of Vitamin C. There is no doubt that eating healthy in general could keep your immune system working at its best, and therefore, keep you from getting sick as often as others. However, there are studies that show there is something specific to an apple that might surprise you; its skin.

The Benefits of Apple Skin

The skin of an apple is where all the best compounds lie for keeping the doctor away. In fact, phytochemicals in apple skin are known for having anticancer and antioxidant properties. Apple skin extract has even reduced cancer cell growth in those already affected in some studies. So, the moral? Make sure if you eat the apple, eat the skin to get the full benefits.

While there is no guarantee that eating an apple each day will keep you from getting ill, it seems like a good idea to prevent possibly deadly, chronic illnesses. So, why not make apples a part of your healthy diet?

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