What is Internal Medicine?

thyroid managementInternal medicine physicians handle a spectrum of illnesses that affect adults and are recognized as experts in diagnosis, in treating chronic illness, health promotion and disease prevention. Also known as “Internists,” physicians in this specialty emphasize the use of the latest scientific evidence to achieve the best patient outcomes. Internists can help those facing problems with multiple body systems that may or may not have one central cause. Rather than seeking out a specialist for each issue, an internist focuses on the whole patient when making diagnostic and treatment decisions.

General Internists Practice in a Variety of Settings

Internal medicine physicians’ training uniquely qualifies them to follow patients throughout their adult lives in multiple settings. This helps them establish long and personal relationships with their patients. Some internists solely focus their practice on the clinic or hospital setting.  Other internists will provide both outpatient and inpatient care for their patients. Still other internists may practice in rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

When Should You Seek an Internal Medicine Physician?

Internists can be a part of your healthcare team at any point in your adult life. An internist can be your primary care physician from the outset after transitioning from pediatrics.  Other times, patients can get referred to internal medicine after receiving primary care from a family physician or ob/gyn.

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At Questcare Medical, our internal medicine physicians are equipped to deal with any issue a patient brings – regardless of how rare or common, complex or simple.  They are trained to solve puzzling problems and can handle chronic illness in the context of a thoughtful and meaningful doctor-patient relationship.  Are you in need of an internal medicine doctor? For an appointment, contact Questcare Medical Clinic for information about our locations and hours.