Should You Exercise When Sick?

whether to exercise when sickExercise is an important part of the week for everyone. No matter where your fitness level lies, maintaining or losing weight is key to good health. When illness hits, you may worry what progress you will lose if you stop and take a break. On the other hand, you may also worry about making yourself feel worse by continuing to exercise.

So the question is: Should you exercise or lay low until you’re feeling better?

Are there Benefits?

There are actually a few benefits in choosing to remain active if you are suffering from certain illnesses. People suffering from simple colds or sinus infections may find some relief from symptoms when they exercise. Physical activity can cause nasal passages to open up so that nasal congestion is relieved, and staying healthy while ill can help fight infections off. However, it’s important to know about boundaries when you’re feeling ill. As always, listening to your body is key.

Best Exercises When You’re Sick

·  Walking
·  Jogging
·  Yoga
·  Dance

Worst Exercises When You’re Sick

·  Endurance Running
·  Machines at the Gym
·  Lifting Weights
·  Team Sports
·  Anything Outdoor in Winter

Let Your Symptoms Decide

Certain symptoms and illnesses are best left to rest rather than exercise. In fact, exercise can make certain illnesses worse or last longer, especially those that affect your body below the neck. Follow the “neck rule”: If symptoms are above the neck (sinus pressure, sneezing, stuffy nose), then breaking a sweat is generally considered okay. However, with the following symptoms, be careful with physical activity:

·  High Fever – physical activity could actually raise your body temperature even more

·  Aches & Pains – Flu aches and pains can easily be made worse by strenuous activity

·  Cough & Chest congestion – Exercise makes your lungs work even harder, so working out with chest congestion may prove to be dangerous

·  Stomach Pain & Nausea – Stomach symptoms are particularly susceptible to exercise

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