Preventing Heat Exhaustion and Stroke During Texas Summers

Texas summers are hot, and it is important that you keep yourself and your family safe.

What is Heat Exhaustion?

Heat Exhaustion and Stroke

Heat exhaustion is an illness that can affect a person after being exposed to high temperatures and high humidity while performing physical activity. The symptoms include a rapid pulse, feeling of overheating and heavy sweating. The more physical activity is done and the longer the person is out in the humidity and heat, the more severe symptoms can become. Eventually, heat exhaustion can lead to a heart stroke. Both of these syndromes are preventable.

How Heat Can Cause a Stroke?

Heat strokes can happen when heat exhaustion is left untreated. Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia, meaning the body has been heated to an unhealthy temperature and has begun to break down because of it. Heat stroke comes from being exposed to exercise, high temperatures and dehydration due to heavy sweating and too little fluids being ingested. The most common symptoms of a heat stroke are disorientation, absence of sweating, and a coma. Someone who is thought to be suffering a heat stroke should be treated immediately.

The Best Tips for Texas Summer

• Always wear loose, light-colored clothing if you are going to be out in the heat.
• Use a hat or umbrella, as well as a high SPF sunscreen, to avid sunburn. Individuals with sunburns are more prone to heat stroke and exhaustion.
• Have a cool place picked out for your safety. This could be a shady spot or somewhere nearby that is indoors, in case of an emergency.
• Drink enough fluids. One of the most common causes of heat stroke is dehydration. Choose water and electrolyte liquids over alcohol and soda, and always take plenty of breaks to hydrate.
• Know your limits. Suddenly being exposed to exercise in the heat when you are not used to it can be dangerous. Takes breaks to go inside and get cool.
• Know that children are more susceptible to having heat exhaustion and allow for them to have more cool air, shade and water.

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