No Pain, No Gain. Why Pain Is Not Something You Want to Achieve

Have you ever been training at the gym and heard this saying? This adage seems to have always been around, and many take it to heart as they work themselves to the brink every workout to try and achieve the best results. However, this is not necessarily a good way to get healthy. In fact, it can be detrimental to your health.

The Purpose of Pain

Pain is not just some annoying part of life; it serves a purpose. Pain is the body’s way of sending us a message to let us know something is wrong. We need to stop and think before we do anything else. It can be a pulled muscle, a strained tendon or ligament, or a sprained joint. Our body is trying to get us to prevent serious injury.

Pain vs. Discomfort

You may be reading this and thinking the idea of not challenging yourself at a workout seems silly. How are you supposed to get better, stronger, or thinner if you don’t push yourself? It is important to know the difference between discomfort and true pain. During or following a workout it is normal for the muscles that were worked to burn or ache a bit. This is just a typical side effect of exercise. However, pain is something you can’t ignore, something sharp or throbbing that often has nothing to do with the muscle you intended to work.

What If You Push Through Pain?

Pain is not something to be ignored. The first sign of pain in a tendon, ligament or joint such as throbbing, sharpness, or swelling should cause you to know it’s time to rest. Working out on something that hurts can lead to a more chronic injury which will keep you completely out of the game or gym for much longer than you would like.

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