Low Testosterone:  It Matters

Get your testosterone levels checked at Questcare Medical ClinicYou may have heard this problem mentioned before and know that with younger generations it is becoming an increasing health issue in men. Hormones are important to your health, regulating every process in your body. If any single one of them is too low or high, you can be greatly affected. So, it is important to understand how your body works and what symptoms to watch out for to know if you might be suffering from low testosterone levels.

What is Testosterone?

Both men and women produce testosterone in some amounts. However, the levels in men are much higher, and it is considered to be the most important hormone in a male’s body. This hormone is responsible for not just the changes that happen with puberty but also sex drive, sperm production, fat distribution, red cell production, and maintenance of muscle strength and mass. Levels typically decrease with age naturally, but it will never leave your body.

The Signs of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is described in varying levels depending on who you ask and what your age is, but it comes with symptoms to let you know that something is not quite right with your body. Those with low testosterone often experience:

  • Low sperm volume and fertility issues
  • Low sex drive or erectile dysfunction
  • New fatigue or decreased energy
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Reduced muscle mass replaced with more body fat
  • Hot flashes
  • More frequent or severe bone injuries

Is Hormone Replacement the Right Way to Fix Low T?

If you suspect you have low testosterone, a trip to your physician is a good place to start to be on the road to relief, but you may be worried about the possible treatments. The most obvious answer to low hormone levels is to have hormone replacement therapy. In cases where the loss of the hormone is extreme, this may be necessary, but your doctor can discuss all the pros and cons of choosing this treatment option. If your levels just need a boost, there are some natural options involving lifestyle changes that you can implement.

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