Ways that Seniors Can Maintain Their health

For today’s seniors, staying active and exercising regularly can help you look and feel great. Staying fit can help prevent heart disease, help prevent diabetes and help reduce pain associated with arthritis. Regular exercise can also help you stay healthier longer by improving flexibility, balancing endurance and strength. We always recommend you seek the advice of a doctor before beginning regular low-impact exercises.

Aerobic Exercises

Best Exercises For Your Long Term Health

Aerobic exercise can help seniors burn off calories, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, increase joint movement and build up energy levels. If you are new to aerobic exercise, start by getting your cardio levels up for 5 minutes. From there, work towards 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Low-impact activities can include, walking, biking and swimming.

Upper Body Strength

Raising your arms above your head can aid in strengthening your upper body. Beginners can start with just their hands and can eventually work towards adding light weights. The key is to carefully get your upper body in motion.

Arm Curls

We encourage our senior patients strengthen their biceps so that they can perform everyday activities, such as lifting a gallon of milk into the refrigerator. With arms extended down at your sides and palms facing up, simply bend at the elbow and lift your hands towards your chest. This will engage the bicep muscle. Find a light object at home and hold in your hands as you lift, eventually working towards heavier objects. Always secure your posture when performing this exercise.

Questcare Medical Clinics

The doctors and medical staff at Questcare Medical Clinics are committed to helping seniors gain and retain their strength and health. If you are in need of seeing a doctor, please call one of our conveniently-located clinics to schedule an appointment.