Ways to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Per the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is responsible for more deaths than any other disease. The cardiovascular system is a complex system of blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body. Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At our Questcare Medical Clinics, we encourage our patients to make a few lifestyle changes to improve and maintain their cardiovascular health. The benefits can be monumental.

Stop Smoking and Cut Back on Alcohol

The predominate concern with smoking and drinking is that they can cause high blood pressure. Nicotine, the chemical found in cigarettes, is known to hinder blood flow by constricting the blood vessels. When blood flow is hindered, the result is usually blood pressure rising. While occasional drinking is fine, excessive drinking of alcohol can also raise blood pressure and is not good for the cardiovascular system. By cutting back on the number of alcoholic drinks consumed and stopping cigarette smoking, you are on the way towards a healthier cardiovascular system.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps to boost blood circulation and improve cholesterol levels as well as helps to relax the body. By far, integrating regular exercise into one’s lifestyle is the biggest piece of advice we can give our patients. We call it 30 and 3 – 30 minutes of some form of exercise, 3 days a week. If you have not exercised in some time, then start slow.

Schedule an Appointment

Our medical staff at each of our clinics is committed to helping people gain and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. If you are concerned with your cardiovascular health and would like to consult with one of our physicians, please contact your nearest Questcare Medical Clinic. We are conveniently located throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.