How to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Unseen Hazards in Your Holiday HomeWith the holiday season comes decorating, cooking, shopping, and a lot of other tasks to check off the list. It is easy to get distracted or in over your head at this time of year, which means you are more likely to experience accidents and injuries.

Unseen Hazards in Your Holiday Home

Holiday decorations, whether new or old, start coming into the house in droves this time of year, but many do not give a second thought to any of the hazards involved with some of these items. Although your mind is on making everything just right, this is a good time to slow down and think about what is around you. The last thing you want to do this holiday season is make a trip to the ER.

Watch out for these hazards inside (or outside) your holiday home:

  • Lights used for indoor when they are outdoor use only or vice versa
  • Lights that have a label from an unrecognized testing lab, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
  • Decorations within 3 feet of a heat source
  • Choose a tree with fresh, green needles that do not fall off when touched
  • Fall injuries-Falls from ladders and roofs account for thousands of ER trips each year around this time. All you need to do is take some precautions. Know safety rules for handling these situations.

Slow Down and Stay Safe

Whether you’re driving, cooking or decorating, the best advice we can offer this holiday season is to slow down. Sometimes the worst injuries and mistakes come from distraction and haste. You’ll feel better, and your family will be safer, if you take a step back and do one thing at a time.

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