Healthy Holiday Meals

The holidays usually arrive with large and unhealthy meals. However, there are so many ways to have traditions in your holiday meals while eating healthier options.

Holiday Alternatives for Allergy Sufferers

Do you have family and friends with allergies? Sometimes they can be the most challenging to cook for, especially if you are not used to cooking food a different way. There are some simple ways you can replace those common allergens without sacrificing flavor.

  • Milk – This is an important ingredient in desserts, but the good news is there are many milk alternatives. Try coconut milk for something a little sweeter or unsweetened almond milk for a nuttier flavor.
  • Cheese – Cheese shows up in many dishes.  When choosing an alternative, make sure it will melt the same way the original recipe cheese would have melted. There are many kinds of cheese at health food stores that will work in most recipes.
  • Gluten – This is sometimes the hardest allergy to accommodate during the holidays. Often, alternatives do not taste right or have the right texture. Sometimes the best option is to mix different types of gluten-free flours together with a trusted recipe.  Also, many well-known sellers of flour now offer gluten free options.

Sneaking in Fruits & Veggies

It can be hard to make sure everyone has a balanced meal for the holidays, but sneaking in some delicious fruits and vegetables can be a good way to combat this. Take advantage of the season with soups and desserts based on squash and pumpkin or use a fruit salad as an appetizer.

Low Carb Options

Carbs are highly prevalent at the table during the holidays. It can be hard to know where you can cut these, but this is actually one of the easiest ways to make holiday meals a little healthier. Try swapping out your typical stuffing for a healthier one. Walnut, kale and quinoa stuffing can be quite flavorful and contain fewer calories and carbs. Mashed potatoes can also easily be replaced by cauliflower mash.

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