Express Care Makes Questcare Unique


Express Care now offered at Questcare Medical ClinicDid you know that your local Questcare Medical Clinic offers Express Care? This is a special service we provide to those who do not need an emergency room, such as with serious illness or injury. We know that your life is busy as you try to juggle work, family and your own health. There is no reason you should have to spend a long time at a clinic waiting to be seen because your child developed a fever during the off hours of your primary care physician. This is exactly why Questcare has come up with the idea of Express Care, a way to get in and out and on with your day.

Difference Between Urgent Care and Express Care

Questcare is known for our family medical appointments and urgent care clinic. It is helpful to understand the difference between your choices for medical service with us.

Urgent care is a medical clinic open longer hours than the typical doctor’s office. This is where you can come when you are feeling ill or are injured with an emerging concern that needs immediate attention but is not an emergency, such as chest pains or breathing issues. Some medical equipment is available for minor imaging and other testing, but it is not an emergency room.

Express Care is like a mini urgent care clinic, able to quickly see the most minor of problems. These are those things that require medical attention but do not require medical equipment or any complicated testing to diagnose and treat, such as ear infections or rashes.

Who Can Use Express Care?

Express Care accepts many insurance plans and is available for both adults and children who have minor medical concerns. Many of the typical problems we see coming into Express Care include:

  • Flu symptoms
  • Ear pain and drainage
  • Cuts and rashes
  • Sinus and minor respiratory issues
  • Pulled muscles and sprains

Want to Know More?

If you want more information or want to locate an Express Care, feel free to visit one of our Questcare Medical Clinic locations in the Dallas area to see about all the services we offer.

You can also contact Questcare Medical Clinic for information about our locations and hours.