Allergies Are Not The Cold

Allergies & the fluBecause of all the illnesses people deal with during the winter, you may wonder if your sniffles are the beginning of a cold or the beginning of the allergies season. While cold season is winding down around March, allergy season is just getting started.

What are Allergies?

An allergy is an immune reaction to substances known as allergens, which are generally harmless but can cause swelling and itching in those prone to allergic inflammation. An allergy can cause skin reactions, itching and redness in your eyes, sinus pain and pressure, or even inflammation inside the body.

Most Common Spring Allergens

Different pollens and other common allergens peak at certain points during the year. Each season comes with its own allergy problems. Spring is no exception. In spring, you should watch out for common causes of sneezing and watery eyes including:

•  Grass pollen
•  Weed pollen
•  Pets who track in pollen
•  Ragweed

Dealing with Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you may be struggling to find the right solution. From the allergy aisle at your local pharmacy to the natural remedy websites that are so prevalent, there are options everywhere. So which is the right one? Because each person will respond differently to varying allergy treatments, the right treatment will look different for everyone. Antihistamines are great for allergy attacks. Additionally, nasal sprays also offer relief on the worst allergy days. Also, try to avoid activities and situations which will make your allergies worse, such as opening your windows or spending time outdoors on bad allergy days.

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