5 Tips for Avoiding Workout Injuries

#1 Find the Right Exercise for You

Twisted AnkleAge, gender, current health, and many other factors can affect how you can and should exercise. The best thing to do no matter what is take it slow, but also consider anything that might limit movements such as past injuries or joint pain. Make sure you choose exercises that are low impact on problem areas.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can do more than just make you hot or tired. Getting water and electrolytes to muscles and tendons helps keep them moving and healthy. Dehydration can cause painful and dangerous spasms.

#3 Consider a Trainer

If an exercise routine is new to you, a coach, trainer, or teacher might be the best way to begin your journey. Not only can they show and tell you what is safe and effective for your body type, they can also help you find safer ways to reach goals more quickly than you might be able to achieve on your own.

#4 Wear the Right Shoes

Especially if you plan on adding walking or running into your routine, your shoes matter. Old shoes or those not built for athletic activities can easily cause some of the most common injuries.

#5 Warm Up/Cool Down

Preparing your body to work out and then cooling it down and stretching it out after a workout can ensure healthy, loose muscles and joints with less ache. Muscles and tendons can be easily pulled, and joints can be injured and cause pain from the physical activity.

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